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Understanding FNO Advantage FNO @ Anand Rathi Products Value Adds Trade through Us
For investors who are regular into investing, have knowledge of the market activities and the risks involved but do not wish to restrict themselves to pure equity investments; FNO trading brings a great opportunity to invest in equities indirectly.

Unlike pure equity investments, you can take positions in a ‘Futures / Options’ contract and that too for a relatively small amount of margin money. In FNO trading, you can get a larger exposure for a small margin amount.

FNO trading gives you an edge over equity trading where you have more opportunities to cash in on the market fluctuations either on a stock or on an index. FNO trading gives you the freedom to trade over an Index movement also which is not the case with Equity Trading.

Learn about FNO trading through our Knowledge Center Initiative.

1. Basic Module
2. Advanced Module
We provide state of the art technology backed solutions for FNO trading.

Clients can walk into our investment centers nearest to them or call their designated dealer on phone. Net savvy customers can execute their own trades online or use our centralized phone trade desk.

We also deliver high quality technical advice on individual stock contracts, daily FNO trading strategies, and timely updates to enter or exit a position through our robust and reliable research.

Research and investment ideas can be accessed by clients either through designated dealers at our Investment centers, Phone trade Agents or on the website also. Clients can also opt to receive our research and trading calls available on e-mail and SMS.
1. Trusted Legacy – Anand Rathi brings with it the long legacy of trust bestowed upon by the customers & good relationships with some of the oldest clients. Anand Rathi was ranked by Asia Money 2006 poll amongst South Asia's top 5 wealth managers for the ultra-rich. In year 2007 Citigroup Venture Capital International joined the group as a financial partner.

2. Lineage & experience - Anand Rathi is a leading full service securities firm providing the entire gamut of financial services. The firm, founded in 1994 by Mr. Anand Rathi, today has a pan India presence as well as an international presence through offices in Dubai and Bangkok.

3. Multi channel account access - You can invest in equities through our multiple channels of dealing - about 180 branches for extensive reach - Online Trading platforms for anytime , anywhere reach - Phone Trade for on the move reach.

4. Research backed advisory support - With an enviable record of our research services, you can be assured that your investment relies on valuable sources.

5. Personalized Service - We help you through the entire investment process, step by step, with innovative and efficient Services. Also, our Representatives assist you trade smoothly and efficiently.

1. Margin Intraday Square Off
2. Carry Forward Positions
3. Margin Financing
1. Stock collateral benefits
2. Digital Contract Notes
3. Research calls through multiple channels
4. Phone trade
5. Personal Investment Advisory
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