Product Highlights!

SIM Trade is an educative tool to help you understand the nuances of trading. SIM Trade uses live feeds from NSE to create a simulated trading environment as close to live trading as possible. It uses virtual money and a simulated trading environment so that you can get hands on experience in trading. SIM Trade is also helpful for you to try out any strategy that you have in mind before actually risking any money in it.

Why SIM Trade?



Live market feeds

No financial risk since it uses virtual money

Trade execution simulated to mirror live execution

Initial Corpus fund of Rs. 500,000 to start trading in

Virtual Trades


the simulated environment


What’s in it for you?

Learn the nuances of trading in the financial markets, without risking your money.

Try and test your trading strategies with live feeds and prices and trade execution that emulates live market execution, but virtual money.

Get the best hands on learning tool for free with hassle free virtual trades.

What’s the price?














SIM Trade