Nest Starter Pack

Product Highlights!

Nest Starter Pack is a FREE service of Nest Plus which includes:

Advanced Charts:The key features of Advanced Charts in Nest Plus are:

1.Intraday Charts with back data of upto 7 days and configurable intervals in minutes.

2.Historical Charts with daily data since the time of inception.

3.Multiple charts view.

4.Over 50 built-in technical indicators.

5.Default Template settings.

6.Numerous Price Styles used for charting.

Market Monitor :Market Monitor is an alert tool that streams in real-time updates on all stocks that breach certain market indicators, which include:

52-week High

52-week Low

Day’s High

Day’s Low

Approaching Upper Circuit Limit

Approaching Lower Circuit Limit

Market Movers : Market Movers is a powerful scanner tool that lists out the most active securities in terms of:

Volume Leaders

Value Leaders

% Gainers

% Losers

NSE-IPFT Research Report : NSE-IPFT Research can be viewed inside your NOW terminal in several different ways for ease of use. Following are the methods of accessing the research reports.

1.News Manager Logs

2.Market Watch Screen

3.News Dialog Bar

Why Nest strater pack!

Use technical analysis on both short and long term charts to figure out the best time to buy and sell

1.Get alerts on your favorite stocks whenever they cross their day.s high/low, 52 week high/low and whenever they are close to their upper/lower circuits.

2.Scan the market using different conditional queries.

3.Three powerful tools to give you the traders edge

Whats In It For You!

Nest Starter Pack benefits you by providing you with some critical market data for FREE. Trade seamlessly using such key market data that include:

1.Advanced Intraday and Historical Charting to easily trade based on technical analysis like a technical trader and figure out the best time to buy and sell!

2.Market Monitor - An Alert Tool useful for tracking stocks that have breached or are approaching key market indicators

3.Market Scanner - A powerful scanner to shortlist stocks in realtime based on conditions you set up