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Tr@de X'press
Take control of your investments by using Tr@de X'press; our browser based system designed for customers who transact occasionally.
It is ideal for investors who believe in the Buy and Hold approach towards investment in equities. It works even over low bandwidth connectivity.
Instant Loading
Tr@de X'press loads instantly giving you access to your investment account without any delay.
Streaming Market Watch
  1. Enable active monitoring of price movement in securities.
  2. Real time rates updates.
  3. Set Market Watch of your preferences.
  4. Multiple Market Watch. View single one at a time & change through drop down.
Streaming Quotes
Get streaming quotes that keep you updated with latest price movements and market position.
Market Depth window
View Open, High, Low, Close, % Change, Best 5 Buyers & Sellers in a single window for each stock.
Multiple Market Watch
Track stock prices on NSE / BSE, get FNO & Commodities price updates on a single screen. You have an option to maintain multiple screen watches.
Hot Key Functions
If you prefer using keyboard over mouse, you can place orders, view market depth, access reports with the help of hot keys.
Instant Intimation
Instant research call Intimation, to your immediate action.
Instant Order/Trade confirmation.
System Requirements
To trade online using our Tr@de X'press platform the following are the requirements
Computer with Operating System
Windows 98/2000 or Windows XP
Internet Connection
Broadband/Dial-Up connection (Modem at a minimum of 28.8/33.6 Kbps)
Browser Type
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (Java enabled)
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