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Tr@de X'pro
Tr@de X'pro is an EXE based desktop software designed for active traders who transact frequently to capture favourable short-term price movements. The platform offers active traders the tools they need to make critical decisions with confidence. It requires superior bandwidth connectivity.
Fully Customizable Display
Create Market Watch as per your requirement, add, delete and rearrange columns as per your viewing preferences.
Dynamic Charting
Watch price movements by minutes, days, or weeks through advanced charting capabilities offering multiple indicators.
EOD Charting
Get In depth market history at your command with the power to instantly back test any trading strategy you design before investing your funds.
Option Strategy
Get daily strategy to invest in Options through your own terminal. You can take advantage of the option strategy available and also create your own strategy based on query functions.
Derivative Chain
View all the contracts available for a selected security through a single click.
Lock Terminal Option
No need to worry about keeping a watch at your terminal in your absence. Now you can also lock your terminal when not in use and be assured that your account is not accessible to anyone but yourself
System Requirements
To trade online using our Tr@de X'pro platform the following are the requirements
Computer with Operating System
Windows 98/2000 or Windows XP
Internet Connection
Broadband connection
Browser Type
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (Java enabled)
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