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Tr@de Flexi
Tr@de Flexi allows investor to create intra-day position in the equity segment on leveraged margin along with securing the same position with a risk cover by placing a simultaneous stop loss market/limit order.
Instant Loading
Tr@de Flexi is available for intra-day trading in equity Cash & Future segment
Streaming Quotes
Equity cash –Nifty 50 stocks (Stop loss trigger % set 5% )

Equity Futures –
Nifty 50 & other nifty indices contracts (Stop loss trigger % set 15 for Nifty – 50 stocks & 2% for other nifty indices stocks*)
Helps to minimize Risk
Enables investor to minimize the risk through system generated stop loss market/limit order
Self Square off
Position created can be squared off any time during the trading session, before Time based square off execution.
Auto Square off
Auto square off positions on specific time to enable close position
How to place order in Tr@de Flexi product (Click Here)
Set active stock price alerts through Trade X Press which get delivered on your mobile / email.
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