Portfolio Tracker (KubeR)
The Advanced Portfolio Tracker through our web site is available only for Registered Account holders of AnandRathi
The Portfolio Tracker is an intuitive and easy to use tool which helps you keep track of your investments in Equities, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Gold, Cash Balances. The portfolio is valued on a real-time basis.
You can also track your trading positions in Futures & Options, Commodities and Currency.
It gives you a 360-degree view about how your investments are performing. Its unmatched features, reports and tools will help you in your investment decisions.
Features of KubeR
1   Family or Individual Account level access
You could login as head of Family and enjoy multiple viewing options with graphical view of your portfolio. Viewing options include Asset allocation across family portfolios and family account wise holdings.
2   Auto update
Transactions done through AnandRathi in any segment / exchange are updated automatically at the end of the day in the Portfolio. We also auto update any corporate benefits accruing on your investments to give you a truly Automated experience
  1. Investments and trading positions tracking with the latest price updates from the exchange getting a real time view of unrealized gain/ loss during the day.
  2. Research Updates on your holdings as per calls given by our advisory team, on a real-time basis
3   Manual Entries
You can add/ edit and delete transactions across all financial products to correct or build an accurate, single view of Net Worth.
4   Tracking of Investments, Trading Positions, Borrowings and Insurance
Track your investments across asset classes as be able to determine how each of them are performing as the markets move.
5   Multiple Viewing Options
You could view investments through multiple lenses, aiding your investment decisions by using our viewing filter options.
6   Transaction History
Access transaction level information of your investments and trading positions across date range, with facility to edit / delete records, giving you the controls to your Portfolio Tracker KubeR.
7   Gains & Losses reporting
Determine which investments have given what returns, segregated on Realized / Unrealized. Added feature of booked gains & losses bifurcated into Long Term & Short Term make handy inputs for filing your Tax returns
8   Reporting Tools
Reports are available in pdf/ excel and can also be e-mailed upon request. The portfolio tracker also has graphical tools to aid you in managing your investments.
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